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New Orleans, my love..
February 9, 2020
Andrei Codrescu is an essayist, novelist, poet and professor at Louisiana State University.  He is also a regular speaker on National Public Radio, and such a brilliant speaker! I first came to know him from an audio selection in the material used where I was teaching ESL in Houston.  I then discovered this book, New […] Read More
Oh! A mystery of Mono no Aware
January 10, 2020
Oh! A Mystery of Mono No Aware, by Todd Shimoda Another of the beautifully created books by Chin Music Press.   Only very rarely have I ever purchased and read a book more than once. The first time I recall doing just that is with Phantom of the Opera.  The second, when my copy of […] Read More
Louisiana English à la française!
June 19, 2019
Here in New Orleans we have a very particular way of life, from our mannerisms, customs to even our way of talking. Some of our expressions may seem bizarre or even foreign to those outside of the city.  Because of my long experience studying French, I have slowly come to realize that the reason for […] Read More
Vocabulary for Discussing Literature in French
February 7, 2019
Voici des mots clefs pour parler de la littérature. Here are some key words for talking about literature. During my thirty years of speaking French, any time that I had to speak about a topic or subject that was new to me, I would be frustrated to discover all the holes in my vocabulary.  For […] Read More
This New Year’s Resolution… Learn from Making Mistakes
January 5, 2019
One problem that I often encounter in the many places where I have taught is the fear students have of making mistakes.  I cannot stress to them enough that making mistakes is both inevitable and very helpful as a learning tool. There are many reasons why students should not fear it, but rather try to […] Read More