About Stephanie

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a professional teacher with more than 15 years of experience. She earned her Bachelor’s and her Master’s Degree in French from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL, formerly USL), a TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate, and has recently earned a FLE Certificate (Français langue étrangère). She has taught English (ESL) and French in various capacities (junior high, high school, college, graduate school and institutes) in the US and overseas in Japan. She has worked with students of all ages, most often with middle and high school students and adult learners. Her specialties include ESL academic writing, test preparation, advanced grammar and literature.

As a second language learner herself she knows the difficulties that students face and is patient, understanding, and ready to personalize lessons for a student’s particular needs. She has worked with students to improve writing for tests, entrance exams, speaking tests, and presentations. She will use a variety of materials including texts, web sites, video, audio (podcasts), magazines and short stories to give the student a fuller more well-rounded experience.

She also appreciates the cultural aspect of learning a language and likes to incorporate cultural topics in her lessons. As a tour guide, she is well aware of the history of her city and its cultural ties to France. She likes to share with her students her experience in Louisiana and her experiences in the many countries she has visited. A fluent speaker of French, she has traveled 9 times to Francophone Europe with the goal of perfecting her French and increasing her cultural awareness.

Stephanie Dodaro

Stephanie is available for one-on-one lessons or small groups on-site or distance learning via Skype or correspondence. Package rates and referral discounts are available.