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I provide English lessons for all levels of ability. I tutor people who want to improve English reading comprehension, English literature discussion, English conversation, and English composition. Please contact me with any questions you may have. I give lessons in person and via Skype.

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ESL Conversation (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

This course is for high beginner to advanced students. Students will be directed to a page of conversation questions, video, podcast, or article that can be prepared in advance and grouped by topic. Courses will be casual with free conversation, vocabulary and grammar correction from the teacher. High beginner to low intermediate recommendation is sessions of 30-45 minutes, upper-intermediate to advanced recommendation is for one-hour sessions.

English Conversation

ESL Academic English for writing, reading or test preparation

Speaking – ESL Students will be directed to read an article or watch a video (academic lecture), take notes on it, and be ready to discuss it during the session. Topics may include medical, political or social topics. Assistance will be given with vocabulary and pronunciation and expression in general, but grammar correction will be minimal unless asked for specifically. Materials used will be a combination of a business English ebook, advanced writing worksheets, podcasts, TED videos or magazine articles. This is especially useful for students preparing for ESL exams or for college or graduate school.

Writing – *This course can be for American junior high, high school or adult learners who want to improve their writing for school, work or test preparation. Courses may be structured similarly as above, but students will be asked to compose an essay based on the topic and to email it to me. I will edit and correct and make suggestions that will be discussed during the session. This can also be done as an offline course. Live sessions will also be used for discussion, format and structure of academic essays. Additional instruction on essay writing as needed.

Academic English courses can also be done as a half and half, speaking and writing alternating weeks.

* Course can be for American junior high, high school or adult learners who want to improve their writing for school, work or test preparation.

Academic Writing

ESL Tutoring (high school or college students)

This is recommended for students of middle school, high school, or college students enrolled in a course who need additional help with course materials, preparing for tests or presentations. Materials will be supplied by the student.

English Tutoring

ESL Book Club

This course will be designed for intermediate to advanced language learners. This will be a partially self-paced multiple-week course based on the reading of a book to discuss. I will supply worksheets for self-directed work on vocabulary and comprehension, and these will have deadlines each week for completion to be corrected by me. These will help keep students on track with reading. Then every other week there will be a live session with the teacher for discussion of themes and characters and to address any questions the student may have. Books available for this course are ‘The Alchemist’ by Paolo Coelho, ‘Short Stories’ by Raymond Carver, ‘I Heard the Owl Call My Name’ by Margaret Craven, ‘New Orleans Mon Amour’ by Andrei Codrescu, and other various American short stories

Book Club

All prices quoted above are for private lessons. Group rates for two or three students are available.

All prices listed are for 1 hour lessons. Please inquire about prices for 30 or 45 minute lessons.

A 24 hour notice of changes to reservations is required in order to get refund or reschedule of classes booked.

Payment is due at or before class time reserved.

Packages must be used within the following time frames:
5 Lesson Package expires 6 weeks after purchase
10 Lesson Package expires 12 weeks after purchase.

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