Here is a list of some very useful online English and French language learning resources that I recommend for my students to use either on their own between lessons or as lesson material to be discussed during our classes. Keep checking back, as I may periodically add to this list.

For learning English:


  • ESL Flow is a complete guide to exercises and links to everything from writing to pronunciation.
  • Grammar Aquarium is a great site for grammar
  • for general English


  • Ello is a listening website, with podcasts and videos
  • TED is great for listening to academic lectures
  • VOA has a great library of videos and articles with audio file for levels 1-3
  • Podcasts In English is a great library of podcast reports and conversations

Speaking and Conversation


  • Ship or Sheep? – English language pronunciation for minimal pairs.
  • – Practicing pronunciation and minimal pairs, and also a great website for general purposes

For learning French

Listening, Vocabulary, etc